Migration Update — November 23, 2015


Snow and Ice in the northern states have moved ducks into the central tier over the past week from the far north while the early migrating ducks slowly built up over the past few weeks. Mallard numbers in South Dakota and the upper Mississippi River have reached near peak levels as greenheads begin to scatter down the flyways.

Hello folks, and, as always, welcome to Waterfowler.com.

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, hunters in the central states have much to celebrate as the colder weather kicks the migration into gear.   Mallards are finally on the move in the Central and Mississippi Flyways with number increasing from the Missouri River corridor to the Ohio Valley.

The season long trickle of ducks has finally built in the south and huntable numbers of nearly every species will provide a mixed bag of activity for holiday hunters and their families.

In the Atlantic flyway, the effects of the El Nino weather pattern are still wreaking havoc on the migration.   The first flights of Canada geese have finally appeared in upstate New York and hunting remains slow from Chesapeake Bay into the Carolinas.
Duck number as on the rise in western Montana and Idaho as ice has begun to appear. In Washington, hunter success has increased slightly over previous weeks but waterfowl numbers are low for this time of year. Hunting remains slow from the Sacramento Valley to southern California.

Waterfowler.com would like to wish our readers and happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend with friends and family in the duck blind.

Until our next report, hunt safe and hunt often.



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