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  1. any reports from eastern North Dakota? Leaving in the am

  2. Our second visit to Northeastern ND wasn’t great for seeing many birds. In fact, it was quite depressing because many typical hot spots were practically void of ducks. As a result, we were forced to scout and it eventually paid off. We found a slough that we had checked out in previous years but had never hunted before. The wind was fairly calm around 2:00 pm and nothing was flying. So, we took a chance and dumped two boats into this large slough and rowed about 1/3 of a mile. We set up two boats about 300 yards apart and seemed to get lucky as we four ducks down in the first ten minutes after we had set up our decoy spreads. Within an hour, we had fourteen ducks and seven different species including canvasback, redhead, greater and lesser scaup, bufflehead, mallard and pintail. After only shooting four birds in the morning, we finished a limit in the afternoon in short order and picked up around 4:30 with two hours left of shooting time.

    The wind switched to a strong southeast wind the next morning. I mean it was howling at 25-30 mph. We hunted the same slough but obviously set up on an end at least 1/4 mile from the previous afternoon. The ducks starting moving right from the break of dawn and action was fast and furious. We shot 18 ducks by 9:00 am with a 7:30 legal shooting time that morning. We would have been done even earlier but spent nearly half the time chasing a couple cripples and retrieving our dead birds on the water that moved about hundred yards every two minutes with that strong SE wind. Another nice mixed bag with nine species in the 18 bird count. Some really nice colored out drake divers along with a couple nice triple curl mallards. We even shot two drake spooners that were nearly in full color. They are really beautiful birds when they get into mating plumage.

  3. Hi All,

    Coming to the Jamestown area Oct. 16-20. How has the hunting been? I’m bringing my dad and uncle who are on the older side. Any suggestions for field hunts or water hunts in the area, or suggestions strategies? thanks!

  4. House for rent in northern ND. Fully furnished, plenty of water and ducks this year! Harvest is just starting, pm me for more information!

  5. Hope the site is getting along, guess we shall see??

  6. I need e-mail address for the game and fish dept.Wanted information on their season and license prices.Page used to have their home page.What happened to it.

  7. Hey guys, anyone hunting near jamestown this year? thinking of coming there next year!

    • yah we do—live here

    • how was the hunting and water level this year? field hunts good?

      • water levels overall is still favorable yet many smaller ones are gone. We saw more ducks this fall than we have a many year- Mallards did hold firm till this storm hit this week. The ace we have around here is the large bodys of water that tend to stay open longer than the smaller ones. Many of these lakes have great fish populations so we see guys fishing earlier and hunting later–kind of great way to spend a fall. We have few acres of CRP so sometime shortly I do expect numbers to fall unless water makes huge comeback-pretty sure farmers will not welcome that tho.

      • Awesome. Thanks for the info. i live in montana, hunting in december and january can be pretty good for late season mallards if you can find some warm springs.

  8. Charles Fitzgibbon

    Hunted North and East of Devils Lake region 10/20-10/26 and up to Starkweather on sloughs potholes have hunted in the past since 2002, all field corn around the region is standing soy beans are still coming off, very few mallards working the fields and just not a lot of ducks we hunted, the first farm I stopped at outside of Crary told me the corn won’t be off for a month, too wet, snow geese starting to show up all week, but that 1:00 p.m closure except Wednesday and Saturday is not good, field conditions were drier North and west of the lake region, took a drive on the 26th around Lake Alice at sun up and was not impressed with the morning flight, but as always the folks were really nice we managed a mix bag of two possession limits to bring home but no geese! Just remember the face of North Dakota is changing oil, gas, wind turbines, all that good stuff, some locals wish away.

  9. Hunted the non resident opener in south central NO.Dak. Saturday a pesky rain made for a difficult hunt, but our group managed 9 ducks..mixed bag, mallards, pintail, gadwall. returned to the same stubble field Sunday, blue bird morning and the ducks rained in…twenty for four guys….Monday…third times a charm back to the same stubble field and 15 more…. mostly mallards….crops starting to come off, but it will be a mid to late october harvest. Great to be back in gods country

  10. Son went up to NW corner of the state Sept 28~29 and did great on Gadwalls,Widgeon and blue wing teal north of Battleview. A few young mallards were in the bag, but not many. Of the 6 people in the group, almost everybody got their 6 ducks each day with mixed bag. I was up by Leal Saturday 28th, not much in puddles and lots of pressure. Went to Gackle on sunday with my other son, Found lots of young mallards, teal and posted land. Did get 10 ducks by 11:00 from puddle jumping. Zigzagged back to Valley City without finding any ducks NOT on posted land. Didn’t have a platt map, so didn’t attempt to contact land owners. Just a heads up to anybody venturing into the area to have access to landowners somehow. They are usually very friendly and willing to let you on, they mostly just want to know.

  11. This summer was not kind to ND as severe drought hit James River Region from Jamestown to Sd border and 50miles west. Many of our good small slew are no more and many are being dug again. Many of our larger lakes have gone down also so cover will be scarce to say the least around here. I strongly suggest checking out your favorite spot before showing up as the change is really unbelievable in some areas. Of course fall rains can help and the month of August we have picked up some rainfall but not enuff to slow down the drought with these warm temps. Most of the puddle ducks are not really present like they were earlier in July-I am seeing small flocks of grain feeding ducks going out in evenings. Teal numbers look good and seeing nice numbers in certain areas of Stutsman County. The hatch was very late for everything even the large Canadas. Something different I have not ever witnessed in ND saw a pair of snow geese with 3 young with them on Monday just west of Medina ND. I have seen the pair on and off all summer and figured maybe something neat is happening. They did look healthy and were flying with mom and dad into the water.

    • Hey Paul,

      I’m heading up from Kansas in two weeks – meeting a group from Wisconsin out in Wishek/Lehr area. Any update on bird numbers, pot hole conditions, etc.?


      • duck numbers are suprising–with fewer bodies of water than past 3 years ducks are more confined which can only mean better hunting. Lehr and Wishek areas were also hit hard by drought this summer some rain has fallen through that area but amounts I do not know. My guess is it will look similar to the Kulm-Gackle areas which have greened up the past weeks. Duck numbers especially mallards are very respectable in these areas. Should be good time to chase the curly tail buggers–enjoy the hunt

  12. Hope we can get a VFE or other members in N. Dakota to post.I don’t know if it is the new format or what,seems like less reporting from several states.Rick Nelson was an great VFE in N. Dakota,not seen any posts from him for all of last season.

  13. first time-r
    Spring has left us in ND but re-trying once again to re-appear. Lsst week very large number of birds(mostly snows) near Spiritwood area with no pressure other than one group. West and south of Jamestown had very large numbers with no hunters. East of Montpelier unbelieable numbers and again no hunters. We do not chase snows in the spring-enjoy pictures and watching-fall totally different story. Guys get up here the birds are sitting close to roads and they do not seem spooky. Have to believe with snow cover best hunting will be jumping or pass shooting as fields are only passable to feet. Please make sure you ask area farmers friendly if asked but they get upset if you just go.

    • Paul — thanks for the update. How are the potholes looking for nesting season?

      • After a slow start to spring the quick turn around has left us very dry-hard to believe all the snow and pot holes are at premium. Appears to me most of ducks kept going north. We still have more water than we did back in 90’s but the good rearing holes are no more.
        If things stay as they look right now finding anything but large water will tuff to find this fall. Good/bad news-Canada geese all over-farmers are very concerned on how to handle as most farmers lose minnium of 80acres to grazing birds. (which means loss of crop and profits) these 2 partys are having troubles getting along right now and I see more trouble brewing.

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