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  1. Hey anyone here anymore? Who is going out tomorrow 10-9-21 ? I can’t make it due to medical issues but good luck to all you slayers. Lets hear how you did…

  2. Seeing lots of local woodies

  3. Turkey season is right around the corner. Anyone getting excited yet? I have seen lots of turkey already this year, hope they are around when we need em……..

  4. Next season I plan on hunting Lake Erie out in the W. Springfield area. There are a number of spots that you can get down the cliff and then hike along the shore to an area that I have seen ducks using on many occasions. I guess I haven’t really hunted it because it is going to be a lot of work getting everything down there, and you will be walking down the beach in waders and over some tree falls and such. So it’s not an easy walk in. If anyone is on here and lives up by Erie or Girard post up here and maybe we can talk about going out. I wouldn’t mind some company or the help….

  5. Lots of Canada’s around now that the season is long over. Maybe the duck gods will be kind next year and bring us lots of mallards and pinnies………

  6. Come on everyone, like Donald trump syas “lets make this place great again” post up all of your adventures…

  7. Anybody out there? Sure is dismal here at Hope somebody posts up about anything. I am getting ready for next year and finally buying the boat I always wanted a 16′ extra deep V Lund with a dependable motor. I build my own layout boats so now I am getting back in the game. The PA duck club is having a meeting March 14th regarding all of the layouts (among other things) that have taken over the bay during the season. My guess is that at some point in the near future P. I. will move to limit them. When and if that happens it won’t be long afterward that duck hunting at P.I. will be a memory. Of course this is all JMO….

  8. Could it have been any worse than this just passed season? I doubt it. If this keeps up the 17K duck hunters will go the way of the Dodo. No birds equals no hunters. You had better hope next years is decent, because there will be a lot of guys dropping out of the sport to take up archery. Heck even I’m thinking of it…….

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