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We are getting our wild rice harvest in and it looks really good but it is going to be in very limited supply. Due to high water and other weather issues, wild rice seed production is about 1\3 of what it usually is. If you are interested in wild rice seed, we highly recommend to place an order soon to lock it in.

We are taking orders now and will start coordinating shipping with you in a week or two as we process the harvested wild rice.

“FALL ORDERS” will be available to ship in a week or two. Only people that have ponds that freeze over should order “fall” rice as it requires cold stratification to germinate. We will contact you to coordinate a shipping time…we will not ship without first confirming a date with you.

“SPRING ORDERS” will be shipped in the spring, but you can place your order now to secure your wild rice seed. People in southern warmer climates (ponds don’t freeze over) need to order SPRING rice…unless you want to order fall rice and try to cold stratify it yourself. If you do not secure your spring rice, we can not assure that we will have any left on inventory when spring comes. If you lock it in now, then we will store it over winter and cold stratify it for you so it is ready in the spring.

Here is the website link for more information or to place orders…


RECOMMENDED planting rate is 50# per acre in 12-36 inches of water with a “mucky” bottom. * Wild rice DOES NOT require flowing water…that is a myth.
* We do not recommend just planting 10lbs of rice as that is a very low seeding rate. Please try to consider at least 20 to 30 pounds to give it a descent chance.

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