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  1. There are very few birds here in Florida so far this year . Sure hope it gets better soon !

  2. most of my hunting has been on Maryland eastern shore. after next week the last tree weeks should be on Virginia’s eastern shore. hunted September teal, October,november and the hunting has been pretty poor. saw tons of wood duck in October, but no shots. didn’t see teal. seen blacks but no shots. no mallards outside of the docks. have killed merganser and bufflehead. went goose hunting in Chestertown today. flying high, no shots. weather hasn’t ben good for duck hunting, but it is what it is. hopefully January will be better.

  3. Lower pax river this pm… Lots of blue bills and buffees, just north of me the sky was black with geese at unset.

    Calm to nnw at 7, temp 44.

  4. hunted snow geese this morning in cecil county. winds nw at 15 mph, 40’s, and partly sunny. we put out a large spred of wind socks and had electronic caller. there was a lot of birds in our area and they stayed in our area, but mostly stayed in huge flocks. had a hard time to get the birds to decoy, but some did, but most of our shots were passing shots. we ended up killing 42 snow geese.

  5. on the way down to my duck camp yesterday afternoon, from the bay bridge to the lower shore, there were canadians everywhere. mostly on the water, a lot in the air, and some in fields. this morning we hunted a creek. had to to breack threw ice. the temperature was in the 30’s, cold clear, sunny, windy and wind out of the ssw. we had the wind at our back. we saw a lot of ducks, but nothing was interested early in the morning. the big duck were flying high, the divers were flying way outside our decoys. we saw flock sfter flock of snows in large numbers, out of range, but not that high up. we also saw flock after flock of swan, smaller number s, but quite a few flocks. wish maryland had a season on them. we did end up killing ten ducks, for bufflehead, and six common merganzers. what we killed decoyed nice. these birds came after 9:00, but was over by 10:15. there was a fair amount of shooting that we heard this morning. got a lot of birds up on our way back to the dock.

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