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  7. Hunted two days and picked up the pieces for one day.in SW Iowa. The wind picked up Saturday evening and ruined a lot of spreads. 30 mph sustained winds and gusting to who knows what. Plenty of very wise adult birds in the area. Groups over water and on land had very little success. Talked to several groups. Everybody is shooting a few. less than a bird per hunter average for all day.

    The show is awesome though. Ducks swarming ten feet off the ground. Specs and honkers by the dozens cruise in right on the deck. More birds than you can count. Why is the northern migration such a great show but the southern migration is a battle to get large numbers to migrate enmass.

    I have been waterfowling for over thirty years across three different flyways and I have never seen that many birds in one day. Not even overlooking a refuge. Total waterfowl in the area has to be in the millions.
    Saw a string on snows/blues three miles wide and a half mile deep.

    Don’t have any secrets to share. If you want to shoot lots of birds you will need to sneak em or Cow em. Decoy action is slow.

  8. On March the 11th,the hot line for Squaw Creek Natl. wildlife refuge reported one million and two hundred thousand snows.Snow is in forcast for tomorrow,should not last long and temps back to 50″s on Thursday.Next few days should be excellent hunting.

  9. The hot line at Grand pass reported on 3-5 that snow geese were were over one million.On same day,Squaw Creek reported on their hot line that 90% ice cover from one to three inch thick,and no snows.They said that this could change with warmer temps coming to area.Was at my veterinarianis office today getting annual shots for my lab.He said some clients were in and this past week shot some 110 snows in the Herman Mo. area.Will he heading to my club in Charition county this coming week,lateest report was that the snows were in good numbers.Will report back next week.Anybody else reporting for the state,last several posts have been mine.Let’s use the web page for what it was intended for and make some posts.

  10. Spoke with a friend today. He is retired and still lives on his farm.He said yesterday afternoon and till dark the snows were on the move heading a NW direction which would be towards Howard and Cooper Counties,which put them on a path towards Grand Pass and Swan Lake and then Squaw Creek..

  11. With the warm up,most snow has disappeared around central Missouri,temps hit in the 60″ here in Columbia today.Any signs of the snows in south Mo.?

  12. Missouri here in Central and North Mo. covered with at least six inches of snow and temps in low teens.Some warm up this weekend. Seen groups od canada geese in area,don’t know what they are feeding on with all the snow.Will be at least middle of March before I will chase the snows that is if we do not get more snow in area.

    • Will be closing out the season tomorrow. Has been a poor year,early freeze and late ARRIVING birds.MAYBE BETTER NEXT SEASON

      • Do you think there is still birds north of you?I live south of you in Ark we have very few birds for this time of year it has been slow. Agfc says were 500,000 short compared to this time last year.Just needing some info.

  13. Hunted our lease in Chariton County on Tuesday,Wednesday and Today,Nov. 7th till 10AM,had to leave to get back to Columbia,Mo.Four hunters.took 12 birds on tuesday,mostly mallards with a few gadwells,rain most of the day.Wednesday,five hunters hunter with 12 birds.Rain in morning clearning later in day.Looked liked the migration has begun.On Wednesday, most of day mallards coming in from the north,some flights with about 50 birds,other with over 200.Also snows geese and canada geese in good numbers. This went on most of Wednesday,all birds very high and moving towards the west.On Thursday(Today) the 7th,just myself and the owner hunted till 10AM.Ended up with a woodie and three mallards.We left at 10AM for I had to get back to Columbia.Birds were still moving,wind out of the west,small and large groups of mallards,missed a great shoot over top of blind on five pintail,all had nice sprig.Holly,my yellowLab,now over 10 years old,made some great blind retrieves,all and all had a god few days.Be back next week with two guests from Delta Waterfowl who won a hunting trip at the club or the silent auction at our Delta dinner this Spring.

  14. Hunted the Mo River west of Boonville today. Saw lots of divers headed south. No big ducks to speak of. River conditions are good. Sand bars are showing.

  15. Has anyone hunted teal in Carrolton Mo. Before? Is it any good? Just got 2 leases there and noreborne Mo. This year. Pretty pumped about it.

  16. Got a e-mail a few days ago from a good friend in Bismarck ND.He is with the FIsh & Wildlife Bureau.Nothing but rain during May,Missouri River running high.Water everywhere.Expect waterfowl and upland birds hatch to be limited due to all the loss of CRP land in N. Dakota. Will be heading to our duck club in Chariton County tomorrow.Need to clean some items and bring home some bedding.Our wet lands have been pretty much under water for some 2-3 weeks.Does not look good for corn crop n the area.Will see what the Fall will be,how Mother Nature can change things,drought last year to too much water this year.

  17. Hunted the lease in Chariton county this past Wednesday which was the 28th.I think the fat lady is singing. One bird shot in five hours.During that time saw two small groups heading west,never came close to spread.Most of ducks in area the week before have left the area. Squaw Creek in one week went from over 100,000 snows down to last report on the 26th to just over 3,000.Been a good year,will be 77 will next Fall rolls around,Holly my four legged buddy will be 10 in May.If the good lord is willing,hope we are both back at it next Fall. Everyone have a great Summer,stay safe.Cardinal baseball time for me for the rest of the year.Thanks to everyone for their information and reports. l

  18. The fat lady sang today.Hunted my lease in Chariton Mo. today.Saw one group at 9AM of maybe 15 snows,around 11AM saw a group of snows of around 100,both groups were heading west.That was it for my last day of hunting for this season. Squaw Creek a week ago had over 100,000 snows,checked yesterday,down to a little over 3,000.The big snow storm we had on Sunday moved them north.Best of luck to those north of Mo.Have enjoyed my duck and snow goose season.Holly my yellow lab turns ten in May,I will turn 77 in September,hope the good lord gives us both another season,Have enjoyed new web sight along with the photos.Hope all have a good Summer.

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